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It only takes a few minutes to start fundraising. Click start a fundraiser and share your campaign with all your supporters. Learn more about how to spread the word about your campaign at our Fundraising Academy.

Complete Solution

In addition to being able to trade in their devices to help your cause, supporters can also contribute cash on your cause’s own fundraiser page. Fundraisers also have the option to provide awards based on the amount a supporter contributes.

Win Win

Gone are the days of begging for donations. Supporters are paid to contribute. When your supporters trade in their old phone they get paid part of the money and the remaining value supports your cause.


Ever wanted to make an impact? Start a Trade in Fundraiser on TradeRaiser to support a cause you believe in.

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“My class raised over $10,500 in one month using TradeRaiser. There is no other way we could have made it to New York for our class field trip. My students all learned the value of recycling and received an amazing firsthand learning experience while exploring the historical landmarks in New York city.”



“There is nothing like TradeRaiser. My mother was not doing so well, so all her children and grandchildren came together to help cover the costs of her medical treatment with a Trade In Fundraiser. We all had old cell phones and a few of us were due for an upgrade so we were happy to trade in our old phones to take care of my mother.”



Help Ellen Start The Business of Her Dreams

Ellen has been working every night and weekend for the last two years on a new business she has been building. The time has come to commit full time to the business and say goodbye to her day job. Please help Ellen fulfill her dreams by contributing to this fundraiser to cover one year of living expenses for her and her family. Thank you!

Keep Grandma Dorris From Losing Her Home

Rent is due, but her recent medical bills have made it impossible to cover her mortgage bill. Contribute to help Grandma Dorris keep her home.

Help Ryan Fight Cancer

Ryan has cancer. The treatment has cost his family more than they can afford. His two children and wife need your help to put food on the table. Thank you for your love, support, and prayers.


In only a few minutes you can have a significant impact on someone's life. Start a Fundraiser for a cause you believe in today.

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How long will it take for payment?

TradeRaiser will send payments to the supporter and the cause within one business day of receiving the device. Use the free USPS tracking number to track your shipment to us- on average shipping takes 7 days or less.

Who pays for shipping?

Shipping is Free. Supporters wrap their device in bubble wrap, put it in a box, tape on the free prepaid USPS label, and drop the box off at any US Post Office.

Where is TradeRaiser located?

We are an American Veteran owned and operated business in the sunny city of Huntington Beach, California. The closer a supporter is to us, the quicker we will receive device trade in’s and process payments.

Are supporters guaranteed the price quoted for their device?

Price quotes are Guaranteed for 30 days. If we receive a device in a worse condition than described by a supporter, we will email the supporter a new offer. They can either accept the new offer within 5 days or we will return the device free of charge. We believe in complete transparency, so our inspectors record a video of every box we open.