Please consult a tax professional to help you determine whether your donation is tax deductible based on your specific situation. Here are general guidelines on the types of donations that may be tax deductible to users in the United States:


Donation to a United States IRS Qualified 501(C)3 Nonprofit or Charity Fundraiser:

  • Donating money to a TradeRaiser fundraiser held by a 501(C)3 US Nonprofit organization typically may be considered a tax deductible donation for US taxpayers.
  • Donating an Electronic Device to a TradeRaiser fundraiser run by a 501(C)3 US Nonprofit organization typically may be considered a tax deductible property donation for the the “fair market value” of the device.


Donation to a Non-501(C)3 Fundraiser:

  • Any money or electronic device donated to a TradeRaiser fundraiser that is not not held by a IRS certified 501(C)3 organization cannot typically be claimed as a tax deductible contribution and is typically seen by the IRS as a gift. Examples of Non-Tax Deductible Fundraisers might include donations to support an individual’s medical treatment, or helping fund a student’s college tuition.

Receipts for Tax Deductible Contributions:

  • TradeRaiser provides a receipt in the form of an order confirmation at checkout. A user can also view confirmations for each of their orders by clicking  “My Account”, clicking on “My Contributions”, and then clicking on the order number to display the order confirmation receipt. We recommend printing the webpage confirmations for your records.
  • The IRS also accepts bank issued records as evidence of a monetary donation.
  • We recommend 501(C)3 nonprofit organizations holding a fundraiser email contributors a receipt for their donation. Please feel free to contact organizations directly if you would like a receipt issued directly from their organization.


International Users:

  • Please consult a tax professional in your country who specializes in your country’s tax laws. TradeRaiser does not provide tax advice.